Linux-Windows/Mac debate

Recently I have been provoked into writing and expressing about what , in my opinion, are the advantages of using linux over using windows for an average user, by my friend and companion, tista. So I started planning on it…..the layout is still half-baked, hence that post in this blog will have to wait sometime. But for now I am sharing a short article about certain things that are easier to do in ubuntu than in windows….though I didnt like the article much……one reason for that it deals with a particular linux system, which I liked once…….but nowadays are more reluctant to use it….
but chiefly because it claims that it does not claim ubuntu to be superior to windows…….well, though in my opinion, ubuntu has lost much of its initial promise, still it is a usable linux system…and that alone almost automatically makes it superior to windows…..  anyway, I shall discuss these issues in that promised post of mine………for now….
the article……

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