Anyone missing

Hi everyone,
I hope many are missing very much…I used the site heavily in the past few years and was sad and outraged when it was forcibly closed…anyway, one useful alternative is

There are other available sites which claims to be an alternative that I found that’s not really the case. However, this site is quite close to /gigapedia…by whichever name you liked to call the site that was once so dear to us all. One good thing about this site is the files are in its own server, so the recent attack on all free file sharing sites (like, mediafire etc etc) is not going to affect it.

Soon I am planning to explore an alternative to mediafire, which I expect will be a difficult task…by the way, mediafire is still on….but they are forced to delete many files…so any old links to mediafire sharing a movie or something is probably dead….however, it takes a little bit of time to delete a particular file (I mean for “them” to find out that it is sharing something which is “illegal” in their f**king sense of legality)….so mediafire might still help you to get a rip of a recent movie if you get lucky…or a very old one which not many people  have downloaded (hence “they” did not suspect anything)….4shared is a suggestion that I heard often in this regard….I shall let you know about my own views…

1st July, 2012
By suggestion from my friend and colleague Debayan Maiti, here is another such site…
Please post your feedbacks as comments and please let me know of any other such sites…

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