Some for the palates…..

Some cooking by me  during my Bangalore days…..

Beef Bhuna
Alu-penyaj-er torkari

Alu-p(n)eyaj…(potato and onion)……

Recipe:Cut potatoes and onions into small cubes….finely chop green chillies…heat the oil…typically mustard oil, but you can use sunflower or rice bran oil too..sprinkle kalo jeera (black cumin or nigella seed, its an Indian spice)…though here I used panch foron (This is a typical bengali spice…for preparing this see…add chopped chillies…wait till chillies change color (if the oil is hot enough,this will happen almost instantaneously and the flavor will come out)….add onions and haldi powder (turmeric powder)…stir a bit in low heat …after the onion turns transparent………add potatoes….add water…add salt to taste and allow it to cook in low heat till the potatoes are boiled and increase the heat …..once entra water have been evaporated and the gravy becomes thick….turn off the oven and serve…tastes best with steamed rice…


Kankra…….. Indian style Crab curry…

Ingredients: fresh water crabs(top shell removed,the claws separated and the body cut into halves ), onion (sliced or chopped), ginger and garlic pasted, tomatoes (cut into small pieces), green chili(chopped), chili powder, jeera powder, mustard oil,salt to taste.

Process:  Heat the oil, add green chilies to heated oil, then add onion…fry till they are brown, add ginger and garlic paste and chili powder and jeera powder….stir till the whole gravy is well cooked (you may add a very,very small amount of water if you need, usually the water coming out of onion will be sufficient)…then add tomatoes.After the tomatoes are indistinguishable from the paste ……..add crabs and some water….not much…just enough so that the crabs are under water…..lower the heat….cover the cooking pan and allow it to boil in low heat for about some time…(at least 5-10 mins)…once the water has evaporated out and you get the desired thickness for the gravy(dont worry about the crab being cooked, crab, like prawns are cooked very fast)……..turn off the oven and serve.Enjoy.

Chingrir malaikari

Chingrir malaikari…..(An indian curry of Prawns with coconut milk)….

      fish kaliya
      onekdin eitay kichhu upload kora hoyni……….tai onekgulo dilam…….sob i desh chharar porer…..
      r ekta kaliya-r chhobi………..jodio etar o photo quality valo noy……..


      ebong r ekta……….jodio eta kaliya noy……dom almost…..


      r ekta improved version……..malaikari r……….


      ekta ilish o thak…….


      erpor ekta bachhur………


      r goru……..


      erpor bhera……….


      erpor murgi……….tob kina rezala 🙂


    Chicken Rezala recipe
  • chicken 500 gm
  • doi  300 gm ( yogurt hole plain yogurt… )
  • kanch lonka 4-5 ta
  • sada tel
  • ghee
  • tejpata 2 to
  • gota golmorich 10-12 ta
  • sukno lonka 10 ta
  • chhoto elach 4-5 ta
  • lobongo 5-6 ta
  • daruchini/ dalchini 1 ta anguler ek korer size er stick
  • peyaj 2 to medium size
  • ada paste 1 tablespoon
  • rosun paste 1 tablespoom
  • chini 2 tablespoon
  • nun andaazmoto
  • kaju bata patla kore bata 1-1.5 tblspn ( 7-8 ta kaju )
  • posto bata  patla kore bata 1 tspn
  • sada golmorich guro (optional )
duto peyaj r kancha lonkata eksathe bete nite hobe. mangsho medium piece e kete valo kore dhuye tate nun, peyaj-lonka bata, ada bata, rosun bata r 50gm moto doi diye ek tblspoon moto sada tel ( jekono sada tel, tobe unflavoured ) diye valo kore makhiye rekhe dite hobe at least 2 ghonta refrigerator e. kaju r posto batar jonyo kajuguloke seddho kore kaju r posto eksathe ektu patla kore bete nite hobe. doi tay nun r 1.5 tblspoon chini mishiye  jol diye valo kore fetiye nite hobe….. jate consistency ektu ghono dudh er moto hoy ( thokthoke thakle ekdom i cholbe na ).
ekta patre ghee gorom korte hobe….( ekanto thekay porle sada tel eo kora jabe bolei amar dharona…..ekhono not tested )… ghee gole gorom hole sukno lonka, gota golmorich , chhoto elach, lobongo, tejpata, darchini sob diye moslar gondho uthlei  direct mangsho ta diye dite hobe……. tarpor bhaja bhaja hole ektu chini r nun mishiye r ektu nere jol diye anch komiye majhari anch e chapa diye rekhe deoya. jol er opore tel bhese uthte thakle r mangsho ektu seddho hoye ele… ebar doi er mixture r kaju-posto batata dhele diye nere anch aro komiye, ekdom dhime anch e abar chapa. ghee r kai jokhon completely alada hoye jabe……..mane chamche kore tulle tel er modhye kai ta alada kore bojha jabe tokhon namiye fele khaoya. ei doi diye hoyar somoy ichhe hole ektu sada golmorich guro chhorano jay. 
Byas. gorom gorom poribeshon.

Bangalir ranna….


Bangalir ranna……

” Bengali vocabulary, which does not permit us to name al1 the shades of colours or parts of the human body except with the aid of Sanskrit words seldom used in conversation. But, now that I come to think of it, I realize that my native tongue has a marvellous array of food words–single words, I mean, unadorned by any of those adjectival or descriptive phrases which constitute the glamour of a French menu. A dish of spiced potatoes may be called by no other name except “dam”, but if you add sweet pumpkin, it at once becomes a “chhaka”. “Dolma” is an exclusive term for stuffed patols , just as “dhoka” is reserved for fried lentil-cakes served in a thick gravy. No one knows why this is so, but such are the ways of the language; evidently the Bengalis have a passion for affixing a new name to every creation of their kitchen–even where the dishes are variations on the same theme. The “ghanta” and the “chachchari”, for example, are both pot-pourries, both composed of vegetables plus chipped fish or fish-bones, or of vegetables only; the only difference seems to be that a chachchari may be cooked with mustard and a ghanta may not. Yet another variety of pot-pourri is the “labra” which, being a favourite of the Vaishnavas and served in their ritual feasts, mustn’t ever be contaminated with animal products. ”