My piece about Geometry in

My series of article ( one single piece, published in six parts ) about the journey of Geometry, from Euclid to Riemann in Bengali.
Mostly inteneded for non-specialist audience. No training in Mathematics is assumed beyond high school level.

Draft for my M.Phil work…

This is a draft of my M.Phil research work….. a draft of my thesis is posted below…..It is a survey of some techniques used in nonlinear partial differential equations…….Yes, I know it is technical……..may be I shall explain the work briefly and in more layman’s language someday soon…..
M.Phil thesis

There is a lot of corrections to be done and presently, no acknowledgement is present….

Update on 09/10/2012
An updated version of my Masters (M.Phil thesis) is here…….
Masters thesis  .
and my defense talk here…….
Master Thesis Talk .